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The EASIEST composter you will ever use

  • Invisible in your garden
  • Feeds your plants directly
  • Easy to install or remove
  • Compost Meat, Citrus, Onions, Oil, Dairy
  • Anything Biodegradable
  • Use the waste from your dog or cat – yes doggie do do (poops)
  • Just Fill..Forget..Refill

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Small Compost Bin

This small compost bin called a Compot is the ideal solution for anyone with a small garden or who generates only a small amount of kitchen waste.
No more smelly council bins and no more freezing food before rubbish day.
‘ALL’ your kitchen waste can be put inside the Compot.

In fact, anything biodegradable can be put inside your Compot.
Instead of a large compost bin taking up valuable space in your garden you can install a small compost bin that will cater to all your needs.
Plus it is invisible in your garden.

So what can I compost?

You can compost all the usual worm friendly waste. Plus meat, citrus, onions, oil, dairy, eggs, bones, coffee, tea bags, prawns, fish, paper towel you might wipe a frying pan out with, and even animal waste.
Literally anything biodegradable.
There is nothing stopping you from putting paper or cardboard in there either. But I think this is a waste of good composting space and it takes a long time to decompose.

What makes it work?

The Compot works on a roughly 6 different elements – the main one and most important are the Soldier Fly.
These amazing little bugs will devour anything and everything you throw at them.

What is a Soldier Fly? (coming soon)

The worms with this system live outside the pot in the surrounding soil.
Here they get all the morsels leached off the food as the Soldier Fly Larvae devour the waste.
They will come into the pot if the Soldier Flies have vacated after they have had their fill and pupated to become more Soldier Flies.

Sometimes you will find the worms and Soldier Flies in there together but only if the Soldier Fly Larvae are in small numbers.
Usually, the Soldier Fly Larvae crowd out the worms and in a worm farm, they often eat the worms.
But in this system, the worms have somewhere to escape – the soil.
So you never have to worry about your worms dying with this Small Compost Bin Solution.

The rest of the elements all do their bit as they all work in unison together.
If one element is not available (eg worms) then the others will still do the work.
This can create varying degrees of decomposition as can the weather, your soil type, bugs and bacteria in your soil, how moist the contents are, and whether the inside environment is right to keep them all happy.
But it’s super easy to keep them happy.

How do I keep them happy?

Ideally, when you lock on the reversible lid it is preferable to cover the lid with whatever you use in your garden to keep the moisture in your soil.
This might be grass clippings (my favourite), straw, sugar cane mulch, coconut fiber, shredded bamboo (another favourite), hay, Lucerne, leaves, or mulch.

The general rule is anything but dirt as it needs to breathe. Covering the lid keeps the hot air out in summer and the cold air out in winter.
You don’t have to cover your pot but you will find it works more efficiently.

Covering and Uncovering your Compots (coming soon)

Even though this is a small compost bin it is incredibly efficient and you might be pleasantly surprised when you see how fast your waste disappears.
And it is super easy to fill with the wide opening so you don’t have to chop anything up as you do with worm farms.
Naturally, some things you might need to chop up, like a cauliflower base – it all depends on what you eat.

Then all you do is keep topping it up whenever you want and it will look after itself.
You don’t need to wait for everything to decompose before you top it up.

How many do I need?

If you are a household of more than one person you will need more than one Compot.
A good rule of thumb is one per person and one for the garden.
Because it is a small compost bin it actually works faster than larger compost bins.
Depending on the amount of waste you produce you may never need anymore, but if you do you can always buy more.

Ideally, plant a few around your garden and rotate filling them.
By the time you get back to the first one, it will be well and truly ready to take more of your waste.
The waste disappears into the surrounding soil so you don’t need to collect and spread soil as you do with traditional Compost Bins.
The worms will move around the garden from pot to pot and spread their castings as they go. So much less work for you.

If you want to collect and harvest soil you can.
Just let one sit for 4 to 6 weeks without topping it up and it will turn into beautiful rich composted soil that is easy to scoop out with your hand or a trowel.
This occurs quicker than a traditional compost bin and is easier to collect.

If you don’t like filling them with everything from your kitchen you can choose to fill them with just worm friendly food only as you would in a worm farm compost bin.
The choice is yours and you will soon work out what’s best for your situation.

Remember. ..Just… Fill…Forget…Refill…when ready.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

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