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Besgrow Sphagnum Moss from Dave’s Pet & Garden Supplies on the Gold Coast. Blended is available in 3kg (240 litre bale). Delivery all over Australia from the Gold Coast.

New Zealand Sphagnum moss is a versatile product renowned for its remarkable natural properties; it is long lasting with an excellent water holding capacity.

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Spagmoss is commonly used

  • By commercial and hobby growers in the cultivation of various orchid species.
  • As a decorative enhancement.
  • In the Floristry industry.
  • For assisting with young plant growth.
  • By carnivorous plant growers.
  • For reptile bedding.
  • As an additive to increase water holding in other substrates.

Spagmoss Production

Deep on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, water flows from the spectacular Southern Alps feeding the natural habitat of Sphagnum moss. From this pristine environment we harvest Sphagnum cristatum and Sphagnum subnitens to produce Spagmoss.

The natural beneficial properties of New Zealand sphagnum are enhanced by our exceptional production processes. The labour intensive process begins when the moss is hand picked from swamps which are dedicated to the farming of Sphagnum moss. After being extracted from the swamp by helicopter it is transported to Coastpak where the second phase of the processing begins.

Sphagnum Moss Substrate Quality

To ensure Besgrow provide you with only the highest quality Spagmoss products we have long-established quality control procedures in place. Throughout production Sphagnum moss is monitored to ensure the product meets our quality standards. As Besgrow Spagmoss products are harvested from carefully managed, sustainable swamps you can be confident that Besgrow products will always be available to you.

Besgrow Spagmoss is naturally air dried to preserve the optimal quality of the moss. Spagmoss passes through a series of cleaning techniques, both mechanical and manual, where contamination is removed. Cleaned moss is packed into various sizes to be shipped worldwide.

Spagmoss Grades

sphagnum moss - spagmoss supreme

Spagmoss Supreme

Commercial grade, S. cristatum, length of 175mm for 70% of the product. Light browns, creams and light green colours with some green tips.

sphagnum moss - spagmoss premier

Spagmoss Premier

Commercial grade, S. cristatum, length of at least 150mm for 50% of the product. Light browns/cream colour with some green tips.

sphagnum moss - spagmoss classic

Spagmoss Classic

Commercial and standard retail, S. cristatum, length of 100mm for 70% of the product colour light brown/cream some green tips.

sphagnum moss - spagmoss blended

Spagmoss Blended

Retail, blend of S. cristatum and S. subnitens length of 100mm for 80% of the product browns/creams/pinks.

Strand products

spagmoss premier strand

Premier Strand

Premium commercial grade, S. cristatum; easy for root wrapping with length of 400mm+. Light browns, creams and light green colours with some green tips.

spagmoss classic strand

Classic Strand

Commercial grade, S. cristatum; easy for root wrapping with length of 300mm+. Light browns, creams and light green colours with some green tips.

Grades of Sphagnum Moss.

There are approximately 150 spicies of Spahgnum Moss found world wide and these specieis can differ greatly in size, colour and chemical properties. Sphagnum cristatum is generally considered the highest quality moss available and grows natively in New Zealand. It is known for its robust leaf structure and longer stem lengths that are great for wrapping around roots. Some report good success with 5 star Chilean moss which is predominately Sphagnum magellanicum. Chilean moss has shorter strands but is very leafy which can reduce the air available to the plant when compacted into a pot. Less expensive mosses may be found originating from Japan (typically Sphagnum palustre) and China (typically Sphagnum palustre or Sphagnum cuspidatum).

Spagmoss is effective

Besgrow Spagmoss is hand-picked and naturally air dried to ensure its quality and remarkable water holding capacity (maximum WHC of 96%). This allows the moss to retain water and nutrients for easy release to the plant without accumulating unwanted soluble salts. Growing in high quality media lessens plant management costs and improves plant health. Orchid growers can be certain that Spagmoss will deliver tangible benefits.


• pH 4.8
• EC 0.2 mS/cm
• AFP ~55% when loose
• Water holding capacity 20x
• Low in soluble salts
• Long & strong strands


• 100% natural & renewable resource
• Hand-picked and air dried
• Clean, with minimal foreign material
• Absolutely no chemicals or additives used
• Use straight from the pack

Naturally sustainable & renewable

All Besgrow Spagmoss is harvested from sustainable and renewable wetlands.
This means you can be confident that quality Besgrow Spagmoss will always
be available for you, your plants or garden both now and in the future.


Supreme 80% > 175mm Commercial & high end hobby
Premier 50% > 150mm Commercial & hobby
Classic 70% > 100mm Retail, hobby & Lining baskets
Blended 70% > 100mm Budget commercial & retail
Available in a wide variety of pack sizes & product forms (loose, compressed)


Besgrow Spagmoss is a natural, renewable product harvested
sustainably from wetlands on the pristine West Coast of New Zealand’s
South Island. Spagmoss is used extensively to grow orchids and other
moisture loving plants and to sustain growing environments for plants
and reptiles. It’s versatile with remarkable natural properties.



Ideal for indoor plants. Add a layer on top of pot for decoration and to hold moisture in pot.


Excellent for lining hanging baskets & placing on top of potting mix.


Use to cover foam and for a decorative appearance.


Great moisture holding for these plants that love constant moisture.


Ideal growing media for a wide variety of orchids.
Provides excellent moisture retention & open structures.


Add layers to terrariums to hold moisture. Use to top terrariums for a decorating & functional finish.


Used in reptile enclosures and for vivarium applications, providing essential moisture & humidity.


Before use, soak sphagnum moss in water until hydrated. It will expand back to its original volume.

If required, carefully tease apart. Gently squeeze to remove excess moisture.

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