The Value of Medium Grade Vermiculite in Your Potting Mix

Using medium grade vermiculite does wonders for your garden, and you can find the perfect mix at Dave’s Pet & Garden Supplies.

Dave is the sole owner and operator of this business, established in 2013. Providing Australia with primarily locally-manufactured pet food, accessories, and garden products, he aims to offer customers products that are natural and health-promoting. Dave will communicate with you directly, answering your questions and concerns and assisting you in getting exactly what you need at the time you want it.

One of Dave’s favourite garden solutions is medium grade vermiculite. He recommends the Perlite 100 Litres Medium Grade vermiculite potting mix. This mix is ideal for most uses and contains perlite, a form of amorphous volcanic glass that becomes lightweight after heating, allowing it to act as a natural filtration system. This element improves airflow in the soil and reduces compaction.

Contact Dave today to get your hands on this essential product. Orders and deliveries are available seven days per week.

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