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Vermiculite is a safe inert material and is light weight. It is clean to handle, easy to pour and will absorb and hold a wide range of liquids making it ideal for cat litter and for gardening. Dave’s Pet & Garden Supplies can provide you large 100ltr bags with free delivery on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas which is very economical.


Vermiculite is widely used as a packaging medium. Not only is it lightweight, clean and easily poured around irregular shaped objects, it also acts as a baffle against shocks caused by impact and improper handling. Being highly absorbent, it safely retains leaks from packed materials such as hazardous liquids. As an inorganic mineral, it does not present any fire hazard.


Exfoliated Vermiculite is well established as an excellent thermal insulating material capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 1000?C. The free flowing properties of loose-fill Vermiculite make installation very simple in applications such as loft insulation. The insulating properties of Vermiculite significantly reduce the loss of heat in cold weather and keep the interior cool in hot weather. Vermiculite is clean to handle, non- abrasive, sound absorbent, resistant to decay, odorless and non-irritant. Feel


Medium Grade Vermiculite will dramatically improve drainage when added to heavy soils. Combined with peat moss forms an excellent seed- growing compost which gardeners love. When Vermiculite is used with fertilizers, it makes them more efficient, releasing more nutrients and therefore making them more economical. Vermiculite is organic and comes directly from the ground so it provides natural, organic minerals for your plants in the garden or in pots.
Please contact Dave for more information. You will be supporting a local small business located on the Gold Coast that cares about you the customer. Customers also in adjoining areas such as Brisbane can take advantage of Dave’s Pet & Garden Supplies’ courier service.
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