Buy Perlite Potting Soil Mix Online to Enhance Your Garden

When used in garden soil, perlite acts as an effective aeration mechanism. As a result, your garden flourishes with minimal water wasted. Shop for the best selection of perlite potting mix from Dave’s Pet & Garden Supplies.

What is Perlite Soil Mix?

Perlite potting mix is formed of heated volcanic glass that is known for its high water content. When perlite is used in a soil mix, the retained water helps supply moisture to root systems and creates humidity in the soil. As such, perlite garden soil is an ideal choice for plants that require humid environments.

If you are unsure which plants might benefit from our perlite soil mix, contact us today for help and advice.

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You can shop for perlite soil mix safely on our encrypted platform and pay by credit card, direct transfer or PayPal. If you have any questions, call us to speak with one of our friendly team members and put your mind at ease.

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