Buy Allora Grain & Milling bird and poultry feed supplied on the Gold Coast bulk bird seed

Bird Seed Mixes

Our quality nutritional bird seed mixes are all manufactured from quality seeds and grains and contain all necessary nutrients for your birds. Please see a full list of our available mixes and bag sizes below.


Budgie Mix 20kg

Canary Mix 20kg

Finch Mix 20kg

Parrot Mix 20kg

Small Parrot / Peachface Mix 20kg

Pigeon Mix 20kg

Wild Bird Mix 20kg

Sprouting Mix With Sorghum 20kg

Sprouting Mix Without Sorghum 20kg



Bird Seed Products

We stock a wide range of plain bird seeds all quality grains and specialised whole seed products available in a range of product sizes as show in the list below.


Canary 20kg

Jap Millet 20kg

Panicum 20kg

Red Panicum 20kg

White French Millet 20kg

Grey Stripe Sunflower 20kg

Hulled Oats 20kg, 25kg

Duffield Peas 20kg

Mung Beans 25kg

Pigeon Corn 20kg

Pigeon Wheat 20kg

Linseed 20kg

Rape 25kg

Safflower 20kg

Panorama 5kg


Poultry Feeds

We stock a wide range of our own brand and third party brand poultry food solutions suitable for all applications of poultry feeding and growth. For a full list of products available and product sizes available please see the list below. Ideal for your chooks, chickens, ducks and turkeys.


Mixed Grain 20kg

Whole Mixed Grain 20kg

Pel Mix 20kg

Laying Pellets 20kg

Chick Starter Crumble 20kg

Coarse Laying Mash 20kg

Turkey Starter 20kg

Pullet Grower 20kg


Whole and Cracked Grains

Below is information relating to our whole and cracked grain products. Most of the products come in 20kg bag weights. The available weights for each product is shown below with the product types.


Cracked Corn 20kg

Whole Corn 20kg

Whole Barley 20kg

Kibbled Barley 20kg

Race Oats 20kg

Crushed Race Oats 20kg

Sorghum 20kg

Whole Lupins 20kg

Cracked Lupins 20kg

Wheat 20kg

Tic Beans 20kg

Cracked Tic Beans 20kg

Black Sunflowers 20kg


Other Products

Did you know that Dave’s Pet & Garden Supplies has access and has in stock a wide range of specialised products. These specialised products both our own brand and third party brands are available most times of the year simply contact us for a product availability. Third party products are subject to availability and pricing. For a full list of specialised products please see the list below and available product weights.


Lucerne Pellets 20kg

Natty Cat 20kg

Fine Shellgrit 25kg

Medium Shellgrit 25kg

Coarse Shellgrit 25kg

Pigeon Grit 25kg

Molasses 20kg

Guinea Pig Mix 20kg

Rat & Mouse Mix 20kg

Hysorb 10kg


Dave gets his products from Allora Grain and Milling which provides expert knowledge drawing on our management teams experience in the industry. Allora Grain and Milling is a family owned and operated business that is 100% Australian owned.

Allora Grain and Milling has been in the industry for well over 30 years.

We offer the majority of our products in various packaging sizes to suit your needs. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the most suitable product and packaging size.


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