Buy Peat Moss in Bulk Online on the Gold Coast

Eroded soil fails to support the development of many different types of plants, but buying peat moss in bulk from the Gold Coast at Dave’s Pet & Garden Supplies can help get your garden blossoming again.

If your garden contains camellias, azaleas, ferns, palms, or roses, you’ll want to buy peak moss in bulk: these plants thrive in soil rich in nutrients and acids. Contact Dave today to place your order and get your garden back on the right track.

If you’re ready to buy peat moss in bulk, Dave recommends looking at the Peat Moss 220 Litre Bale. It’s 100% organic and improves the condition of sandy, clay, and infertile soils by increasing the acidity levels. Peat moss can also serve as mulch, preventing moisture loss due to extreme temperatures.

As sole owner and operator, Dave has been in business since 2013 supplying pet and garden products to Australia. He focuses on food and accessories for cats, dogs, birds, poultry, and horses, as well as garden soil and mix-ins. Managing the order, shipping and delivery, Dave can keep costs down, ensuring you get the highest value for your money. Contact Dave today for all your peat moss needs!

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