Buy Cat Litter Online That’s Ideal for Your Pet and Home

Everything you buy for your cat should keep your furry friend’s health in mind. When you buy cat litter online, consider the materials that make up the litter. Find litter that’s healthy and environmentally-sound from Dave’s Pet & Garden Supplies.

Dave is the sole owner and operator of the online pet and garden supply company that’s been in business since 2013. He provides pet food, accessories, and garden supplies to customers in Australia ranging from commercial catteries and animal rescue organisations to families and individuals struggling to buy bulk pet foods.

If you are looking to buy cat litter online, Dave recommends the following cat litter:

  • CatMate 15kg Cat Litter is made from eco-friendly wood pellets. Made in Australia, it is an ideal solution for pet owners seeking quality pet litter that is easy to use and super absorbent. Contains natural oils that inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause the ammonia smell.
  • Natty Cat Premium Lucerne Based 20kg Cat Litter is 100% natural and an effective odour eliminator. Made in Australia, it’s completely biodegradable. Because this litter contains chlorophyll, it suppresses most bacterial growth, resulting in virtually no smells compared to conventional brands.

These features ensure your living space stays cleaner and fresher. It doesn’t clump, which encourages your cat to continue to use the litter box and gives you more value for your money.

Contact Dave today to buy cat litter online. Get it fast with delivery available seven days per week.

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